Monday, September 8, 2014

Packing Up and Hitting the Road

Our time to leave is here.  We’ve had a wonderful time this summer and are already looking forward to getting back here next year.

We took a final bike ride this morning.  There are about 44 miles of trails to ride.  We didn’t ride all of them but we put a lot of miles on the bikes this summer. 

Mark took his new quad-copter for a last flight: 

He has packed away his planes.  (Did I mention that he bought a new plane this year?  Now he’s having to find a place to store it!) 

He’s found all his disc golf discs and has stored them within easy reach since he will be playing disc golf all the way to Texas. 

I’ve crocheted my way through several tubs of yarn including all the yarn I had stored on my side of the closet, a giant tub of yarn in the storage area under the RV, and all the yarn I had hidden away under the couch.

When we ordered our RV I specified that I wanted storage under the couch, not a hide-a-bed.  This is what the couch looks like: 

This is the storage area under it.  It doesn’t look like a lot in the picture but it’s about 4’9” wide x 3’ deep.
I have completed 14 full size afghans and 1 baby afghan this summer.  I still have 5 tubs of yarn stored under the king-size bed.  I’ll be crocheting all the way home!  All theses afghans will be donated to Linus when we get back to Texas.

Here are a few of my favorites:

We’ll take 3-4 weeks to get home so stay tuned.  I’ll be blogging along the way!

The end!



  1. What colorful hobbies you two have! Those disks and your yarn are just vibrant! I really like your sofa... ours has the water storage tank under part of it. Some little kid is just gonna love having that Tweetie Bird! Wishing you Safe Travels....

  2. I knew Mark played disc golf, but Holy Mackerel that's a lot of discs! Travel safely.